How long can I rent a vehicle for?

You can rent a vehicle for as long as you need it for. Our vehicle rental partners offer daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Can I rent a vehicle for half a day?

Sadly no half days rentals are offered. The minimum rental period is 1 day.

Can i drive the vehicle myself?

Yes! So long as you have the corresponding South African drivers license for the class of vehicle that you hire.

Can I hire a driver?

Yes. We offer drivers as well a crew to assist with loading and off-loading.

How does the insurance work?

Limitation of liability cover is provided on all rentals. You do have the option to use your own insurance company “Self Insure”.

What if I need to rent a vehicle urgently?

There is no waiting period when you book a vehicle. So long as the vehicle is available, you can collect it as soon as payment is received.

What size vehicle do I need?

The size of the vehicle that you rent is determined by what you are transporting. The mass and volume of your load is taken into account. Our rental partners will advise you on the correct vehicle for the job.

What does it cost to rent a vehicle?

The cost of vehicle rental is determined by various factors. These include: the type of vehicle hired, the distance you travel, the duration of the rental, limitation of liability cover and labour (drivers & assistants).