Furniture Removal

Moving homes from time to time is a reality in life. You may be moving to a new bigger house or you may be moving to a new city.

Every move requires some careful planning to make life a little easier for yourself.

One of the big aspects when it comes to moving is transport. How do you get all of your household items from one location to another?

Do you moving everything yourself on a bakkie or do you get your friends to come drive car loads of things for you? Another option is to hire an expensive furniture removal company to do everything for you?

How about a solution in-between? DIY furniture removals. What is DIY furniture removal? Well, all your friends can still be involved! DIY furniture removal is when you rent a truck along with a driver who will move your household contents from your old location to your new location.

You will need to do the packing and the loading as well as the off-loading yourself. The advantages of this are that your move will be done quickly and you will end up saving money!

Moving Trucks

There are many types of trucks available in the truck rental industry that you can rent for a move. But it is important to rent the right truck. For moving homes, it’s suggested that you hire a panel van truck. The common sized trucks that you get for moving art 4 and 8 ton trucks (Depending of the size of your move). A panel van offers the best protection to your valuables when moving.

Generally an 8 ton truck will move a medium to large home in one trip. Can you imagine the time you will save by getting your move done in one trip!

DIY Furniture Removal Cost

The cost of moving truck rental is dependent of a few aspects. These include:

  • Type of truck
  • Distance travelled
  • Duration of rental
  • Insurance
  • Labour (for driver and assistants)

Tips for Moving

  • Start planning well advance of your move.
  • Start collecting boxes in advance. They can be hard to come by and they are expensive to buy.
  • Pack items that you do not use often first.
  • Mark your boxes and make lists of what is in each box.
  • Once you have moved, pack items into the room that they will ultimately stay.
  • Unpack as soon as you can, get everything over and done.

If you follow these guidelines, your move should become a whole lot easier.

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